Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Post the First

Hi, and welcome to blog number eight hundred and forty-five. I will probably lavish a small amount of attention on it before moving on to blog number eight hundred and forty-six. I'll warn you now that this is a ranting blog, hence the title: it looks like satire, but is unfortunately not. I don't feel hugely poetic given that it's some stupid hour of the night, so here are a few subjects that will probably recur frequently:

  1. David Cameron. Can't stand him. He's a useless, chinless, gormless pillock with no views of his own whatsoever.
  2. Gordon Brown. Oh yes, I'm one of those. I have no side, just a list of grievances. Anyway, I don't trust Brown, who seems genuinely affronted that when he became Prime Minister he inherited an entire country of pesky people who expect him to listen to them.
  3. Grammar. I am a raving spelling and grammar militant, and if I see bad grammar coming from a professional source, you are going to hear about it.
  4. My own writing. I have some story on the go about eighty per cent of the time, and I have no control whatsoever over a) the plot, b) the characters, c) which genre I'm writing in, or d) which medium I'm writing in. Seriously, I once started a script and it turned into a novella in blank verse.
  5. Feminism. When the day we reach some semblance of equality arrives, I'll stop. Until then, I intend to make a huge bloody racket about it.
  6. Religion. I don't believe anybody's religion is public business, and I get cross when someone tries to make their religion (or in the case of Richard Dawkins, their atheism) my business. For the record, I'm a pagan, and I'll write a full-disclosure post about that in the future in order to clear up any confusion.

There will be other things besides ranting, but I'll tell you about those when I think of them.


Anonymous said...

"bad grammar" or poor grammar?

Jen said...

"Bad grammar" is perfectly acceptable. If you'd really wanted to be picky you'd have gone with "non-standard grammar".

Oh, and the shift key is your friend. Grammar snark is so much more effective when sentences start with a capital letter.