Monday, 16 March 2009

ANTM Blogging: All Pretences of Seriousness Abandoned Edition

I'm going to have to face up to it: I like America's Next Top Model. I wish to write about America's Next Top Model. But the show is fluff, pure and simple, and I cannot keep pretending I'm going to write worthy screeds on its attitudes towards women and how they are reflected or otherwise distorted in our society. Because I'm not.

So, with that out of the way:

My three girls for this cycle (which, yes, I watch on Youtube from England as soon as it's uploaded. I am a little addicted) are Teyona, Fo and Allison. I wasn't so keen on Allison until I saw the last batch of photos - the stupid group shot things with the light-up vibrators - and was immediately drawn to her in every photo she was in. Fo was my earliest pick, so I'm a little annoyed that she's turned out to be one of those "My hair! My hair! I'm nothing without my hair!" types. But I still like her. I'm charmed by her freckles. Teyona I like because she was the only one who pulled off the ridiculous make-up and styling in the promo picture.

I inexplicably hate Natalie. Tahlia, too. I know I'm meant to feel sorry for her, but she just... irritates me. Grrr. I didn't like Jessica, either, and am very pleased she's been booted.

The photoshoots have been a bit crap so far too. The first one was creepy as all get-out. Why, if you are so distressed at the loss of girlish innocence in this world, would you dress a bunch of models in little-girl clothes complete with huge killer heels? I thought it was quite disturbing. And why were the pictures so grainy? I know grain is sometimes a stylistic device, but in a "little girls playing games" shoot? No. And in the second one, they were posing with glow-in-the-dark vibrators. You can't tell me that's normal.

So, I'm pulling for a Teyona/Fo/Allison final three, and worrying a little about the upcoming "immigrant" shoot. Thoughts from other shameful addicts?


TS (and BJ) said...

Heh, I just did a blog on some of the makeovers. I like Allison because she's the token high fashion girl with the "low confidence". It happens almost every every cycle (Shandi, Heather, Lauren, and last cycle's Marjorie.) Her self-esteem doesn't seem terribly low, and she's got a quiet confidence about her. Yes, I did lose some of my love for Fo, but I LOVE her hair, now. And I'm glad she was put in the bottom two for a wake-up call. I also like Teyona, so we're pretty much in the same league. =)

I don't hate Tahlia, I just hate that she's a walking gimmick. >( Natalie should have gotten criticized because she wasn't willing to get her haircut, even though they did nothing. And Sandra... urgh, don't even getme started on Sandra. She makes me want to claw my screen every time she speaks. (Because, you know, as a female who watches Top Model, I'm obviously a catty bitch...)

Immigrant shoot? :o Uh-oh... Well, it can't possibly digust me more than Cycle 10's meat shoot. Still, the only way Tyra knows how to stir up controversy is by being insensitive.

Jen said...

Catty bitches unite! I'm amazed Natalie's ridiculous attitude to makeovers wasn't mentioned at all and they went with a "Natalie is just naturally brilliant" story instead. Grrrr.

Apparently, in a couple of weeks the girls have to pose as immigrants coming to America, which seems... odd... but yeah, it'd have to be pretty bad to top the meat shoot. I didn't need the expression "beef panties" added to my vocabulary.